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“Explore the mesmerizing tile collab that will enliven your interiors….Whether spanning mudroom floors or running up shower walls, they’re dynamic, durable, and destined to make a statement.”

" It’s bold. It’s colorful. It’s wild. It’s not your developer’s white subway tile. Kristin Ortiz and Lindsay Sheets are here to make a statement—and to help you make one too.”

“Nashville-based, women-owned tile company Haustile born out of love of the Bauhaus…The series philosophically and visually investigates Bauhaus themes, drawing from different shapes across a variety of works and collating them into new iterations”

“…Haustile takes it a step further with a warped check tile that looks like something out of an M.C. Escher illustration.”

“At Matriarchy Build, we are big-time fangirls of Haustile. Their designs are some of the most unique you’ll see in the market, and they are all manufactured right in the USA in their production studio.”

“As they analyzed the tile industry, Kristin Ortiz and Lindsay Sheets noticed that there wasn’t a ton of creativity…Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Ortiz and Sheets use high-quality American-made porcelain tile to transform design-forward motifs into conversation pieces.”