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Made in the USA

Made in the USA

We all have our preconceived ideas when we hear the phrases, “Made in America,” or, “USA-made.”

But do we really know why buying domestically is beneficial?

Supporting the Economy

You care about where you live. You care about your job. You care about your neighbors and their jobs.

When you buy fruit from a local farmer you are not only benefiting your immune system and your appetite but you are helping that farmer thrive and the goods you trade circulate within that community. Local business also generates tax revenue that helps pay for government jobs within that community. Grossly simplified, local business tax could pay for the firemen that will put out your house fire one day or pay the teacher that will help motivate your children to go to college. It’s all connected!

“Buying products made in America helps support the national economy, including generating tax revenue and creating more jobs, often in higher-paying positions. Every manufacturing job generates several others that support the primary employee... In short, this is a win-win situation all around. Individuals, too, benefit from the positive effect on the economy. Everyone will have more money to spend and opportunities to spend that money. Everything balances out in this situation and creates a constant growth cycle.”¹

Maintaining Quality Standards

The American mindset drives American quality control.

Our products made in the states are more closely observed and follow our guidelines in which we consider to be safe for American consumers. This sometimes makes the products more expensive, however, more thought is being put into the product. Other countries may have different perspectives and testing styles from our regulations. Differing standards can be found in all kinds of imported goods. If a product is rated safer and better quality then the consumer will buy more of that product. This behavior impacts the economy and influences other consumers.

You want to buy that ‘Deere’ old lawnmower your neighbor won’t shut up about because it works SO well.

Safer Labor Standards

Americans care about America, that’s a fact! We think America is the BEST.

In a lot of aspects of our government, we desperately need to reflect on this way of thinking.

However, considering our labor safety standards, we are pretty great. We manufacture goods under stringent standards and fair labor practices.

"In today's world, social responsibility is of great importance. With manufacturing under fair standards being a significant part of this philosophy, buyers are more conscientious of labor conditions. Buying American products and supporting the companies that make them is an excellent way to benefit the economy and those directly impacted by any changes to it.”¹

Current Events

Whatever the political stance, most agree that buying domestically is a good thing. NPR has been covering the recent developments on USA-made tax and policy.

“ "In recent years, 'Buy American' has become a hollow promise. My administration is going to make 'Buy American' a reality," Biden said at a Mack Trucks facility in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley — a key swing region in the swing state. The rule would take several months to be finalized, and it's the latest effort by the administration to boost domestic manufacturing.”³

This will, in theory, create a more well-rounded economy on both a larger and smaller scale.

Why are we bringing this up?

We’re bringing it up because WE ARE USA MADE! All of our tiles are made here, in the heartland of the U.S.

You may not know this but we’re in tile country and you know what that means? Quality materials and customer service. If you have a question about our tile, we will answer your questions, not a third-party service.

Do you want to know how your order is coming along? We go to OUR warehouse and check on YOUR order personally.

Say you find yourself in Nashville down on your luck without any samples and you have a client meeting in the next 24 hours. Reach out to us! We are people with a passion for tile. We want our tile in your hands just as much as you do. That connection not only creates a sale but it feeds our kids and more importantly our obsessive remodeling habits!


Even if you don’t know anything about tile or design, wander into our showroom and talk with us. We will point you in the right direction and we promise you’ll leave with a new appreciation for both.

We launch new designs monthly and have some amazing collaborations on tap as well as new upcoming sizes, feel free to sign up for our newsletter. Also, we love to see Haustile in the wild, tag @haustileco in your install shots.

Thank you for buying domestically from small businesses… and for not wanting boring tile!



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