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Why 12"x12" tiles?

Why 12"x12" tiles?
When searching for the perfect tile, size matters! You want a size that will be easy to install and look great in your space. In our eyes, 12x12" is the perfect shape.

Larger tiles require special equipment, setting materials, and can be more expensive to install. Imagine carrying large tile slabs upstairs... No fun!

Large tile is heavy and can be tricky to cut. 12x12" tiles are easy to handle and are lightweight. They also work well with all tile saws so no special mortar or blades are needed. Smaller tiles mean more grout which means more cleaning.

 Thus, 12x12" is really the perfect fit.

Let's talk about pattern!

12x12" is perfect for pattern repeating. Whether you are installing tile in a small powder room or a large hotel lobby, 12x12" makes the most out of your pattern regardless of scale. Squares allow for the patterns to expand and don’t keep you tied down to a single direction for your space.

Where can 12x12" tiles go?

We love installing them EVERYWHERE! While we wouldn’t traditionally install a stone-looking tile vertically, we WOULD install wallpaper-looking tile vertically to create a focal wall in a bathroom, a host desk at a restaurant, or in an outdoor patio space.

The 12x12" format permits both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL tile applications to cater to any project!


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