Meet the Maker

Dani Dazey

Dani Dazey

It goes down in the DM’s.

Like any modern love story, we stumbled upon maximalist maven Dani Dazey on Instagram this time last year. Fascinated by her use of patterns in interior spaces, we messaged her and began bonding over a mutual love for excessive color.

When the Dazey LA founder was cast as the designer for The Trixie Motel, we joined forces to create custom tiles for the lobby, guest rooms, and pool to exemplify Trixie and Dani’s over-the-top style. It was an easy match, and 6 months later we joined forces to bring an official Haustile x Dazey LA collab to the masses!  

Dani with the 8”x8” Check Floral

  “I get a lot of inquiries from design and decor brands, but they really stood out to me with their unique and bold tile. I knew this was something special,” 

“When I designed the Trixie Motel, I reached out and collaborated with Haustile on a few custom prints and they came out amazing. We knew we had to make something cool together that everyone could enjoy.” Dani selected the designs and colors to coordinate with the Dazey LA Fall 2022 fashion collection. “I love art and color and I think that really comes across in my designs from fashion, prints, to interiors,” says Dazey. “I design all the prints by hand and really want them to have a bespoke hand-drawn look and feel.” A maximalist in all senses of the word, Dani is using the same motifs for her (soon-to-launch) furniture collection with Joy Bird, her clothing line, and now tile. Pattern everywhere! 

Dazey LA Fall/Winter 2022 Collection
“Fashion and home have so many overlaps and I’ve discovered my background in art and graphic design has seamlessly lent itself to designing home goods as well,”

“I really like to think of my interior or home good design process more like planning and designing a clothing collection.”  Dani’s designs evoke messages of resilience, bravery, and self-expression. They're ultra vertical-friendly, and we jumped at the opportunity to make them in an 8”x 8” format—the first of it’s kind from Haustile! The can be installed indoors and outdoors as floor tile, or used as wall tile to create a wallpaper-like effect.  

Our printing process is what sets us apart, and it’s what allows us to push the boundaries of creativity with artists like Dani. Using state-of-the-art Italian glaze technology, we run tiles through an inkjet the size of the bedroom. The printer, who we lovingly call Sophie, laser-glazes onto the ceramic canvas, transforming Dani’s designs from sketch to tile in just a few hours.

Dani with the 8”x8” Sunny Chevy

“Tile is one of the most design-forward surfaces. The color and pattern options are limitless and really lend themselves to my bold and maximal designs,” says Dazey. “It’s really my favorite surface and I think it’s highly underrated.”