Check Floral

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10.66 SF per box • 24 pc per box • $24.50 per SF

Our 8” x 8” CHECK FLORAL tile features hand-drawn artwork by maximalist maven Dani Dazey. Coordinating with Dani’s Fall 2022 fashion collection, our CHECK FLORAL features alternating pink and cream florals and waved lines, laid upon a warped checkered pattern.

Size: Sample
Color: Check Floral
“Tile is one of the most design-forward surfaces. The color and pattern options are limitless and really lend themselves to my bold and maximal designs,” says Dazey. “It’s really my favorite surface and I think it’s highly underrated.” 

Dani Dazey of Dazey LA

Dazey LA

The Dazey LA collection features hand-drawn artwork by maximalist maven Dani Dazey. Known for her work as the multitalented creative behind Dazey LA and The Trixie Motel, Dani’s designs evoke messages of resilience, bravery, and self-expression.

They're ultra vertical-friendly, and we jumped at the opportunity to make them in an 8”x 8” format—the first of it’s kind from Haustile! The can be installed indoors and outdoors as floor tile, or used as wall tile to create a wallpaper-like effect. 

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