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The Story of Us

The Story of Us

Welcome to our Haus, where co-owners Lindsay Sheets and Kristin Ortiz reign supreme. Lindsay heads production at both our manufacturing facility in Elkton, K.Y. and her handcrafted tile company, Red Rock Tileworks, in Nashville, TN. Kristin leads our sales and marketing division out of her D.C. office and owns and consults for Asurface, a flooring distributor focusing on cement & handmade tile. Drawing from their love of the unique and handmade tiles, Lindsay and Kristin saw a need for something different in the flooring world. After a stroke of luck at an auction haul, Haustile went from a dream to reality. We visited with our co-owners to ask them what Haustile is, how it came to be, and their plans for the future!

What was the inspiration behind Haustile?

We want to bring the excitement of pattern play and good design to durable porcelain tile. There is so much of “the same” wood, stone, and concrete looks on the market. All are lovely but there can be so much more! We have spent the last year working with state-of-the-art equipment to produce looks that can’t be found from other suppliers. We both have a wide network of like-minded designers who are ready for this and are thrilled to finally bring it to the market for easy purchase on our website.

How did you first get involved in tiles?

L: My mother and father are architects and life growing up was a constant remodel. Mom always included me in the tile selections and installations. I remember cutting the tile and pushing it into the mud. It gave me a lot of joy as a kid and led to my deep love for ceramics. It wasn’t until my college professor had us do a tile project that it clicked. 

K: My husband owns a commercial flooring business and I’ve always loved going into the warehouse and looking at all the different tiles. After a European vacation, I fell in love with vintage tiles and developed a deep appreciation for the variety of unique styles. It really opened my eyes to the power and beauty that tile brings to a room which eventually led me to open Asurface.

What makes your manufacturing process unique?

We use state-of-the-art Italian glaze printing technology that allows us to push the envelope of tile designs. We can apply gorgeous and Avant-Garde design to durable porcelain. Our tile is a versatile 12-inch square that works perfectly for pattern repeat and looks great in spaces big or small. It is difficult for large factories to switch SKU’s. For us, we can switch between many different designs in a single day and not skip a beat. We glaze on demand so no inventory is kept. This minimizes waste, and we can stay up to date with the latest trends.

What inspires your designs?

We love studying things like old magazines and photos that show how patterns and textures have changed through different times and places. We love taking the aesthetics that have lasted the test of time and referencing them in our own ways. Whether it's tripped-out 60’s patterns or beautiful Japanese indigo-dyed fabric, we love putting our spin on the look.

What does tile bring to an interior space?

Most importantly, function. It protects from water, wear, and debris. Next, it is décor. It sets the stage for what we have on our walls or the furniture we set on it. It doesn’t have to be second place, it can be the star!!

Give me 5 words that best describe Haustile.

Design-forward, bold, accessible, innovative, and durable.

How are you overcoming the initial challenges of starting a business?

By focusing on what can get done and not what cannot. We have been in the tile industry for a long time but our high-tech process is very new to us. We are lucky to be working with a very motivated team that believes in what we are creating. When challenges arise we come together to make it happen. You just have to tackle one thing at a time.

What's the best advice you ever received?

L: Visualize what you want and find a way to get it.  Never stop wanting.

K: Don’t take things personally.

What's next for Haustile?

Amazing designs and collaborations! We will be launching new designs monthly and are prototyping an innovative system for quick installation. Think peel and stick wallpaper but with durable porcelain tile. You could literally change your tile like you change your clothes!!

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