glazed porcelain tile | available in 8" x 8" and 12" x 12"

Our DIA tile transforms any surface into an evocative, geometric statement piece. This tile celebrates simplicity with its woven, tribal-like pattern that creates a crisp design when laid out.

DIA comes in three colorways: Bela | Purity | Sumac

Size: Sample | 12" X 12"


Color: Bela
Sale price$7.50
Nashville-based, women-owned tile company Haustile born out of love of the Bauhaus…The series philosophically and visually investigates Bauhaus themes, drawing from different shapes across a variety of works and collating them into new iterations.

Interior Design Magazine | Feburary 2023

Haus Collection

This tile is inspired by the Bauhaus approach to design. Our Bauhaus Anniversary collection debuts designs that hearken back to Haustile's origin. From the start, we have been highly inspired by the Bauhaus movement's 'form follows function' principle. ⁠We want to unify the principles of mass production with the individual artistic vision - to combine aesthetics with everyday function.

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