Gradient Stripes

1 pc per SF • 8 SF per box • $18 per SF

Get wild, get wiggly, get wonderfully weird! Zander’s GRADIENT STRIPES pattern incorporates contrasting hues, organic shapes, and wonky angles to draw your eye throughout a journey, utilizing gradients to cohesively blend it all together in a 12” x 12” porcelain format.

GRADIENT STRIPES was designed by Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist and designer, Zander Schlacter (he/him).

Size: Sample
Color: Gradient Stripes
Sale price$7.50


Zander Schlacter (he/him) is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist and designer. In 2020, Zander founded their namesake textile and home goods line known for its maximalist, eccentric patterns and bold, adventurous color combinations. Each Zander Schlacter collection is derived from
Zander’s own practice as a textile fine artist.

Zander draws inspiration from children’s art, LGBTQ culture, craft traditions, and postmodern art and design—namely, the conventions of Op Art and Memphis design. With every product they design, Zander aims to create fine art-quality textile objects that can be truly lived with, elevating the domestic space and activating a playful sensibility with every use. 

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